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Literacy Lab 1: Nutrition Analysis:

This is your first literacy lab! The goal is to start thinking about how to interpret data.


To begin to think creatively and critically about data visualizations and analysis.


1 one-page PDF (no MSWORD, please!) writeup that responds to the questions below.

Grading standards:

Your PDF will be graded on the following:

  • 100% Successfully turned in a PDF with reasonable answers

Lab Description:

For this assignment, you will need to analyze the following infographic, and respond to the questions below. Please submit your responses as a one-page PDF via LearningSuite.

You must respond to the following questions.

This infographic was published in a NY Times article.

  • Make 3 observations about the data. Don't project your own interpretations onto it; try to state objective facts that are fully supported by the data.
  • The article’s print version states “Experts disagree almost as much as non-experts.” Find evidence of this in the graph. (Hint: Examine the ratings of foods on the y = x line.)
  • Describe the cluster of foods on y = x (27 percent of foods); the cluster in y > x region (44 percent); the cluster in y < x region (29 percent). Hypothesize what these the foods in a cluster and their ratings have in common.
  • How do you think the foods were picked for the surveys? (Hint: Why is there a gap in the middle of the graph?)
  • Why do steak and hamburgers rate so different? How about American and Cheddar cheese?
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